Zero excise duty on E-cigars and other healthier alternatives suggests Think Tank , an influential economic affairs

To improve public health and consumer welfare think tank suggest to Cut the excise duty that is imposed on E-cigars and other healthier alternatives. Economist Carl Philips slammed policy makers over failed decision making. Public health sector department don't consider economics when framing policies said Philips.

Since there is health value in picking a choice it doesn't make economic analysis wrong. In UK around 2.2 million use E-cigars based on nicotine liquid.

European Union earlier this year implemented E-cigarette taxes along with the line of other tobacco products. The current regime must make duty of at least 57 percent of the price of retail cigarette packets. Added to that there is a 20 percent VAT included which will sum up to a total of around 77 percent. On an equivalent packet of 20 cigarettes costs around £10.

This will mean that the best ecigarettes in the uk may become banned.

FDA makes it hard to give up on smoking

Food and drug administration brings vaping products under its tobacco control authority and it was announced by Mitch Zeller director of FDA said that FDA will protect the public and kids from all kind of tobacco products.

The Media was buzzing with this news on how minors aren't allowed to purchase vaping products. But most of the stores out there refuse to sell for those who are below 18 but FDA just bought this new regulation.

Vape shops usually provide E-liquids, vaping devices and other accessories. But most of them are available online for cheaper or tax free. Vape shops provides valuable education to their customers. Most of the E-liquids do not contain nicotine or any other tobacco products but FDA still claims that it can control those products as well in their tobacco control. Conveniently bought closed system E-cigars are easy to use than one with an open system and an E-liquid which involves more process. Nicotine level in an open system can be personalized by temperature, flavor and more.

For smokers starting with basic E-cigarettes will do the good deeds but it is proven from vapers that HQ vaping devices provide a more desirable experience than the low because those who use basic E-cigarettes are likely to incline in a way to smoke normal cigarettes at the same time use E-cigarettes. The vaping popularity is three times of what it was in 2015.

Flavor in vaping is a really good customization. FDA recently banned freebies that are given by vape shops for a newly regulated product. This seems to be a right choice in the beginning but on a longer run this will affect sales since vape shops can't let their customers know of multi flavors that are readily available for them to test. Vape shops use this as a matter of fact to find the customer preferred flavor and make them stop smoking.

The FDA not just stopped there it added more rules to the vape shops like they can't really help fix their customers broken vaping devices. It's quite not possible to get your vaping devices right by a professional. Also a person who smokes and don't know how to use vaping devices are more likely not to quit smoking because of this silly FDA regulations.

Breathe of fresh air for Brits as menthol cigarette ban is scrapped since BREXIT

The ban on menthol cigarette which was about to come in 2020 is now being scrapped since Britain is leaving Europe. The department of health said to a daily that these are the very areas that the government should take care of after leaving EU. This comes after the ban of canned junk tv ad foods. Further Cristopher Snowden from institute of economic affairs said that with Britain leaving EU it will have It's own regulations than the hated EU regulations. Banning menthol and other E-cigars fluids have never been justified.

Even David Cameroon, said that he is clueless on why European Union want's smokers to get addicted by buying more. He also added that a revoking bill should be passed to put an end to crazy rules like this.

Brussels banned menthol cigarettes because of the pleasant flavor it has that will not allow smokers to give up that easily. According to British legislations all cigarettes are sold in a standard packets after repealing the law last night and it has come into force.